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Making Cut-Out Biscuits With Children

If they are little I recommend preparing the dough the night before and setting up the table without them so everything is ready to be used. If not they can help setting up too.

Table set up:


  1. Lightly flour a work surface
  2. Line a baking tray with parchment paper**
  3. Lightly flour the biscuit cutters and place them on a plate
  4. Put some flour in a small bowl
  5. Put a non-sharp knife or an offset spatula on the table
  6. Lightly flour a rolling pin and place it on the table
  7. Leave a ball of dough for each child to roll out (if they are too little you can roll it out for them)

** If the baking tray doesn’t fit in your fridge, cut sheets of parchment paper to fit the tray but place them on a cutting board in the fridge.

Transfer the sheet of parchment paper onto the baking tray once the cut out biscuits are chilled. If some biscuits are too close you can rearrange them at this point!

Rolling and cutting out the dough:

First of all let the children know what is on the table and show them the steps to follow.

My eldest daughter loves to create her own cutters or make faces with the dough, the other one loves to add lots of flour so her biscuits are usually dry…do not expect perfection but lots of fun!




Steps to follow:

  1. A little bit of flour should be under and on top of the dough. Roll it out gently in all directions and turn it over to make sure it does not stick to the table
  2. Use one of the cutters and cut the dough
  3. Lift the biscuits with the spatula
  4. Carefully place the cut out biscuits on the baking tray
  5. A kind reminder about taking turns with the biscuits cutters and the rest of the tools is very helpful

PS1. If the dough stays at room temperature for too long it will be difficult to manage. You can put it in the fridge for a few minutes so you can use it again.

PS2. You will be the sous chef so stay around to help them and keep things moving.

Safety Advise: Please keep an eye on the oven. Let children know that the oven will be VERY HOT and only an adult can use it.


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  2. I love your pictures! Baking Christmas cookies with my mum and my siblings is one of my nicest childhood memories :).


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