My name is Maria and I am the author of The Ginger Spoon.

I am a happily married mum of two three girls. My husband and I left Chile originally for two years but abroad we still are 8 years on!

Our first stop as students was NY, then London, then back to NY and finally we settled in the UK. Since then the British capital has become our home and the home of this blog.

I grew up on a farm in the south of Chile where winters are long and rainy. Cooking was always a source of entertainment and my family’s favourite topic. Now with my own family, the tradition lives on!

Throughout this blog I have no intention to teach but, rather, to share what I like and what I do every day.

Formerly a professional Graphic Designer, I retrained as a pastry chef in NY (ICE) and worked as a cooking teacher for fun. Now I am learning Food Photography (Leiths Academy) and I am also a keen Food Stylist.

Thank you for stopping by The Ginger Spoon.


Frequently asked questions.

Why is your blog called The Ginger Spoon?

My two three girls are red-heads and ‘ginger’ is now my favourite colour. Spoon is a reference to the kitchen.

Who takes the photos posted on The Ginger Spoon?

I do, unless otherwise specified.

Can I use The Ginger Spoon photos for my site, magazine or for personal use?

Of course! But only if you ask me first at thegingerspoon@gmail.com. All content on this blog, including the photos, are protected by copyright.

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