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Soft-Boiled Egg and New Soldiers

This is the ideal option for an Easter brunch. Both little ones and grown ups love them! When the eggs are done properly, with a runny yolk, nothing is better than dipping your soldiers into them. In this post, you will also have some new soldiers to try…

More than a recipe, this post is an invitation to remember a childhood favourite (my 5 year old can’t get enough of them!).

Sometimes the simplest of recipes make us the happiest!

Happy dipping!

Soft-Boiled Egg

Portion: 1  Prep Time: 7 minutes


1 medium egg at room temperature

salt and pepper



1 medium saucepan

1 sharp knife

1 long spoon

1 small cup


1. Fill a small saucepan with water. Put on the hob over a medium heat and bring to the boil.

2. Once the water is boiling, put the egg into the saucepan using a spoon.

3. As soon as the water comes back to the boil, set the timer for 4 minutes. This guarantees a runny yolk.


4. After 4 minutes take the egg out of the saucepan and put it into an egg cup.

5. Cut out the top the egg using a sharp knife.


6. Eat immediately with buttered bread or with your favourite soldiers.

New Soldiers

Ideas for ingredients that are delicious with eggs!

The Classic: Slices of toasted bread with butter (cut into stripes)


The Italian: Fresh Ciabatta bread with butter and truffle salt (or truffle olive oil)



The American: A Toastie sandwich filled with your favourite cheese (cheddar, blue, gouda, mozzarella, etc) and cut into stripes.

The Low-Carb: Bacon-wrapped al dente asparagus soldiers. Wrap bacon around the cooked asparagus and grill them in the oven until the bacon looks golden and crispy.



The French: Pain de Campagne with butter and smoked salmon cut into stripes.



The Vegetarian: Al dente cooked Asparagus


The Healthy Veggie: Wholemeal bread with mashed avocado and salt (a bit messy!)


Have a delicious brunch! Xx


  1. Solé Pesce says

    Que rico!!!! El favorito del nonno!!!

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  2. Cristina says

    El desayuno favorito de Inigo! Me encantan las healthy options!


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