Breakfast and Tea Time
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The Fabulous Matcha

It has been all the rage in NY and London for a while. It is a ‘trendy’ tea because of its flavour and health benefits. It has a strong but pleasant green tea taste and its fluorescent colour is the perfect contrast for the gloomy British winter mornings!

Matcha tea is the most famous tea in Japan. The tea ceremony is performed around it and one can even achieve a meditative state while preparing it. Amazing, isn’t it?

With green tea you infuse the water with loose leaves, removing them before drinking. With Matcha tea you basically eat/drink the leaves because they are dried and ground into a fine powder.

The one inconvenient of Matcha tea? Its price. Matcha tea comes in different grades (i.e. for sipping or for blending/cooking) and different flavours. But no matter the blend, it never loses its healthy nutrient content. It is expensive because it requires a special form of production (shade-grown).

Some of Matcha’s health benefits are:

  1. High concentration of antioxidants… bye bye cancer and premature ageing
  2. Low cholesterol and low blood sugar for a happy heart 😉
  3. Weight loss as it boosts the metabolism and helps to burn calories (even more so if you drink it before exercising)
  4. Better concentration and a relaxed body for a zen-like state of mind!

How to prepare Matcha? See below for an easy recipe. (You can find the traditional Japanese preparation and ceremony on YouTube.)

Matcha Tea

Equipment and Ingredients

  • Matcha tea powder (no teabags). In the UK it is easily found in big supermarkets, gourmet shops or on Amazon.
  • One cup or small bowl.
  • A small whisk (you can use a milk frother). I recommend the original bamboo whisk.
  • A small spoon or a long bamboo spoon.
  • 60cl of filtered water at a pre-boil point.



1. Put two teaspoons of Matcha into a cup


2. Add a bit of water (it helps create a frothy surface)

3. Whisk vigorously in a ‘zig zag’ motion until the tea is frothy



4. Add the rest of the water

5. Enjoy your tea!


Matcha tea is very versatile. You can use it in desserts, baked goods, smoothies, lattes, etc. Keep visiting and you will find new recipes using Matcha.


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